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As the price of scrap metals increases, the number of individuals attempting to sell stolen metal goes up. It’s not uncommon to read news articles and web reports about thieves stealing metal from home building sites, public parks, utility services, churches, manufacturing sites, and cemeteries.

Roswell Recycling Center is in union with a nationwide association of scrap dealers, and actively works to stop the purchase of stolen scrap. Some of the actions we take include:

  • We don’t buy from known theives.
  • Digitally recording every transaction. Keeping a record of every person who sells to us.
  • Roswell Recycling Center is working with industry, government, and law enforcement agencies to discover and prevent the theft and purchase of stolen scrap. We support law enforcement by helping them make arrests for the theft of scrap and working with our district attorney’s office during prosecution.
  • Roswell Recycling Center actively supports our state and local officials who are seeking to increase penalties for property theft and destruction resulting from metal theft.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? is a law enforcement website which allows anyone to notify the scrap industry of sizable thefts of materials which can be resold in the United States and Canada. Upon validation of your alert it will be broadcast by email to all subscribed users within a specific number of miles of where the theft occurred. Roswell Recycling Center receives and follows through with these emails.