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New Mexico


man-hole-coverThe Legislature of the State of New Mexico passed a law requiring “proof of ownership” for regulated recyclable materials. Requirements to sell the following items include both “proof of ownership” and an official government form of identification, including a driver’s license or a military identification card.
Regulated items requiring proof of ownership include:

  • Aluminum material, including aluminum beer keg (does not include aluminum cans).
  • Bronze material including: Cemetery vase, receptacle or memorial made from bronze.
  • Bronze statuary.
  • Copper or brass material, including: Insulated or non-insulated copper wire, hardware or cable of the type used by public utilities, commercial mobile radio service carrier or common carrier that consists of at least 25% copper.
  • Catalytic converter that is not part of an entire motor vehicle.
  • Water meters and covers.
  • Utility access cover – Man-hole cover.
  • Road or bridge guard rail.
  • Highway sign or street sign.
  • Traffic directional or control sign or signal.
  • Railroad tracks.

Roswell Recycling Center, does not buy stolen materials. New Mexico and Federal laws require identification be verified for sale of scrap metals – please present a valid government ID to the buyer prior to unloading material. A copy of your ID will be made at time of payment.