1900 East Poe
Roswell, New Mexico
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Gates close at 4:00 PM


signRoswell Recycling Center is concerned about decreasing the impact on our shared environment. We are protecting the natural wealth and beauty of our environment while helping to preserve them for our shared future.

Roswell Recycling Center supports the people of Roswell’s by:

  • Helping to educating Roswell’s citizens.
  • Adopting best-practices to improve our services.
  • Knowing, and exceeding all current environmental standards.
  • Enthusiastically developing our conservation programs.


Imagine a Roswell where all of us committed to improving our ecosystem. We would improve our quality of life while we lessen the cost of the services we all enjoy. We will improve Roswell’s quality of life through recycling the materials used in amusement, transportation, construction, home improvement, and the oil industries. Even if this goal is not 100% reachable, it is a direction Roswell Recycling Center will be following as we educate Roswell’s citizens.

Recycling decreases the ecological effects connected to the manufacturing of metals and it reduces the amount of harmful oxides created during manufacturing of metals.