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environmentMany people know recycling is an important component in the conservation of our natural resources and protection of our environment. Recycling helps to prevent a considerable percentage of our society’s unwanted vehicles, appliances, and reusable rubble from ending up in expensive city or county landfills. Recycling helps to protect and beautify Roswell’s environment while providing jobs.

A significant advantage of recycling is the decrease in energy use. When aluminum is recycled from scrap, the aluminum smelter uses less than one-tenth of the energy required to process bauxite ore into aluminum.
Recycling copper saves as much as 87% in energy expense. One estimate suggests that 40% of the copper used each year is recycled from recycled copper.

Recycling lead saves as much as 60% in energy expense. One estimated suggests that 50% of the lead used in manufacturing each year is produced from recycled lead.

We all know that recycling saves both energy and natural resources when compared to industrial processing of raw materials. Recycling also removes the hazardous impact associated with producing metals from raw ore. Recycling does not create the harmful by products, which are inherent in the initial processing of ore into metal.

Roswell Recycling Center is pleased to be allied with the hundreds of scrap recycling companies serving New Mexico and the United States. Collectively, we process more than 62 million tons of scrap metal yearly. With your help, Roswell Recycling Center does our share by recycling useful trash while keeping it from being discarded into our local landfills.