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New Mexico

  • Steel Depot


    Providing our customers with quality service is our highest priority.
    Our commitment to excellence, trustworthiness and fair business practices distinguishes our company and makes us an industry leader.

  • Tank Demolition


    Roswell Recycling Center offers fast, nontoxic, and dependable removal of your unwanted tanks. Our mobile-tank demolition or removal service uses the latest equipment,
    ensuring that your tank will be removed quickly and conveniently, lessening the disruption your operation.

  • Mobile Bailing


    Roswell Recycling Center provides mobile metal recycling specifically for businesses that require on-site baling for light metals. Our goal is to reduce the amount of
    material sent to landfills and decrease your project costs; our team of experts will supply the know-how to properly separate your metals
    and other recyclable materials and prepare them for transport.

  • Roll-Off Containers


    Roswell Recycling Center provides scrap collection and pick-up of roll-off containers for commercial, oil field, and industrial customers. Roswell Recycling Center
    will deliver the best size roll-off container to your scrap site. When a business requests a pick up, we arrange to move the scrap filled container
    from your site and empty it at our processing yard, returning an empty roll-off container to your site. We service most scrap producing firms,
    including manufacturing plants, auto-body shops, farms, and oil fields. We have roll-off containers ready for immediate placement.

  • Computerized Scales


    Roswell Recycling Center has installed computerized scales to guarantee you of precise weight readouts, which allow us to give your fast and accurate payments for your recycling efforts.

  • Demolition


    Roswell Recycling Center understands and has experience in demolition services, which allows us to provide maximum value for your scrap metals.
    Prior to and during your demolition, we will work closely with your company, choosing the products and services necessary for the removal of the scrap metals from your demolition project site.
    Our experienced crews have appropriate current certifications, which are required to meet the high standard of safety and be your effective and trustworthy demolition partner.

  • Plant Clean-Up


    Roswell Recycling Center is the preferred partner for any company in need of plant cleanup. Our skilled crews use the right size equipment for your project.
    Our crews all have the proper certifications and appropriate documents to work safely in industrial locations. We meet or exceed the accepted standard of safety
    and are looking forward to being your efficient and reliable demolition partner.


Roswell Recycling Center, serves individuals and businesses, who desire to recycle their scrap metals. We enjoy matching our services to your needs. We prove that we value both new and long-standing customers by providing services that meet your salvaging needs. Roswell Recycling Center provides you with accurate scale weights, efficient unloading practices and timely payments while providing competitive pricing. Roswell Recycling Center, wants to be your recycling center, making Roswell a better place to live.


Most Industrial and commercial businesses have a growing volume and increasing need for scrap metal disposal. Roswell Recycling Center has the ability to manage an extensive variety of scrap metals. Some of the metals we accept include nickel alloy, brass, aluminum, copper, and lead. As expected we also accept steel, plate, structural steel, cast-iron, insulated copper wire, #1 bundle (bale), busheling, and other types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals which you know are in constant demand and command good prices.


Roswell Recycling Center is committed to reducing the impact, we as citizens of Roswell, have on our surroundings; treating our scrap as a precious natural resource. This allows the people of Roswell to produce financial, environmental, and community income. At Roswell Recycling Center recycling is more than part of our company name; recycling is one way we have a say in the health of the earth and restock our renewable resources. After a product made from metal has become ineffective, it is delivered to us. We sort and grade them; then we prepare them for sale.


Many people know recycling is an important component in the conservation of our natural resources and protection of our environment. Recycling helps to prevent a considerable percentage of our society’s unwanted vehicles, appliances, and reusable rubble from ending up in expensive city or county landfills.

Recycling helps to protect and beautify Roswell’s environment while providing jobs. A significant advantage of recycling is the decrease in energy use. When aluminum is recycled from scrap, the aluminum smelter uses less than one-tenth of the energy required to process bauxite ore into aluminum. Recycling copper saves as much as 87% in energy expense. One estimate suggests that 40% of the copper used each year is recycled from recycled copper.