The following materials may be accepted for recycling by meeting very strict acceptance criteria:

Above Ground and Underground Storage Tanks

Must be drained with a 12" hole, have no liquids or sludge, and no combustible vapors.

Aerosol Cans
  Must be empty (no pressure and no liquids).

Acetylene Containers
  Must have the valve removed.

  Must have fluid filled capacitors removed. Must have certification that CFCs have been properly removed.

Automobiles (Title required)
  Must have certification that CFCs have been properly removed. Must have lead acid battery and mercury switches removed. Must have accessible wheel weights removed. Must have fuel tank removed or drained with a 8" x 8" hole visible. Must have antifreeze, oil, and transmission fluid removed.

Barrels, drums, pails and buckets
  Must be triple rinsed, dried and lid removed.

Bullet Lead, Lead Plate, Lead Acid Batteries
  Only accepted at the non-ferrous department scale.

Closed Top Drums
  Must have no free liquids and top removed or drum is crushed.

Compressed Gas Cylinders
  Must have valve removed and be cut in half.

Gas Tanks
  Must have visible 8" x 8" hole and be dry.

Pressure Containers (Aerosol Cans, Natural Gas Containers, LP Gas Containers)
  Must have the valve removed and a hole cut into the container.

  Larger than 100 gallon must have 3 foot hole.

  Must be drained and have a letter verifying no PCBs are present.

Turnings, Borings, Motor Blocks, and Oily Scrap
  Only accepted when unloaded directly into the designated area.

Roswell Recycling Center, does not buy stolen materials. New Mexico and Federal laws require identification be verified for sale of scrap metals - please present a valid government ID to the buyer prior to unloading material. A copy of your ID will be made at time of payment.

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:45 PM
Gates close at 4:30 PM


1900 East Poe
Roswell, New Mexico
(575) 623-5555